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Partner Program

Partner program enables everyone to give recommendations and referrals. And earn an extra recurring revenue from that.

ways to join this program


Business Referral


Tekvology Business Referral Program enables you to diversify your portfolio or provide a valuable alternative to your customers. It enables you to earn exciting incentives by referring customers via an easy-to-use online lead submission process. For every lead you submit that results in a new Tekvology customer, you earn rewards in cash or kind and become eligible for the Tekvology incentive program.

There is no limit to the number of businesses you can refer, or the rewards you can earn. So, tell your friends, colleagues, and customers how to boost their business with Tekvology today.

Candidate Referral


We have referrals making thousands and also having family trips through our candidate referral program.

How it works:

  • If you refer a candidate and he gets selected, we provide you a bonus every month, the candidate works with us.

  • Additional incentive: If we have 10 candidates referred and selected who continually work with us for 12 months, we provide a free 3 day vacation to your family in the country you live.


Few Steps for Candidate Referral


Notify us via email once the candidate has registered